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Sang Pencerah

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it is too late to write an inspiring a film Review for a film that screened its premier few months ago. so, this post is not addressed to be an inspiring review, just to post a different perspective about the movie.

this is a kind of 2.0 marketing when everybody said on various social media that Sang Pencerah is awesome and inspiring. many public figure shared their praise regarding the movie that also had a side effect to encourage the crowd to watch the movie. regarding such 2.0 marketing strategy, the film was succeeded.

on the storyline, this is the major weakness of a biopic movie. the actor and director are always try to painstakingly illustrate the figure. in other hand, biopic movie always try to depict a whole complex life of a person in a short duration movie. the implication is that the film occasionally miss the detail that could be more inspiring.

i deeply concerned with the scene of how Ahmad Dahlan try to reform the Qibla direction that was adopted by general Moslem in Yogyakarta. that was awesome how the young Ahmad Dahlan tried to make a dialogue with the elder priests in Kauman. more exploration of this scene, the movie may be more inspiring.


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Written by Berita Demokrasi

October 28, 2010 at 6:10 am

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