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A Brand New Bombs

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Blast of 3 kgs LPG container is now the trending topics in Indonesia. The story began when the authority set up a policy to replace kerosene with liquid gas for home energy. According to authority, the policy will decrease the government subsidy budget for energy. Subsidy is now problematic since the upsurge of global oil price. Technically, the policy was relevant. It was a promising policy to prevent indonesia from economic collapse.

It was unpredicted that the 3 kgs LPG tube could turn to be bombs. According to some analyst, it is the lack of quality that turns the gas tube to be small bomb. There are so many containers that stored in every Indonesian kitchen. suprisingly, it could explode anytime. Even crazier, somebody could utilize it as a bomb. Be carefull…



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July 28, 2010 at 5:34 am

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