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what is actually failed state ?

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recent analysis by Fareed Zakaria encourage me to rethink about failed state. in his analysis, Zakaria argue that essentially failed state is not threat fos US national interest. that was Zakaria’s kick to prominent theory of failed state. many literature and think tanks’ argued that failed states are dangerous threat to US national interest. later those argument then motivated US involvement in many global turmoil.

the first question is, what is actually failed state ? generally, failed state referred to state which unable to maintain some basic condition and responsibility of a sovereign government. it means, there are such things called basic condition and responsibility of a sovereign government that determine whether a state is failed or successful. the questions are, what is actually basic condition sovereign government ? and second, what is its responsibility?

first, according to Weber, legitimate authority is the basic condition for a sovereign state. it actually refers to the monopoly of legitimate use of physical force to maintain internal sovereignty. outlaw states sometime use such monopoly to threaten its citizen. according to Weber, such kind of legitimacy is essential to state. the question is, why is it essential ? to answer it, we need to look back to theories about state’s responsibility. first, in the domestic level state have to assure citizen’s right. second, at international level, state have to maintain its relation with another state. to cover both responsibility, state actually have to maintain its own existence. it is a must because, without such ability, it means that state will neglect it’s citizen. on the other side, without its ability to maintain its existence, state couldn’t make a good relationship with another state.

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Written by Berita Demokrasi

July 26, 2010 at 5:10 am

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