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what a company look for ?

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the only answer is cheap but brilliant worker. that’s why, companies love to join a job fair that organized by campus or student groups. job fairs then become a gathering place for newbie job-seeker that is actually means cheap worker. not only cheaper workers, job fairs also a gathering place for brilliant worker since by and large, job fairs are organized by campus or student groups.

according to my experience, job fairs are the most attractive way to look for workers with such criteria, cheap but brilliant. campus and student groups as event organizer has a mutual interest with companies, but not with the job seekers. essentially, job seeker just play their role as the next target of exploitation.

a few weeks ago, I just experienced the hectic of a job fair. a big hall always too small for two-day job fair that involved more than 20 big capitalistic companies. when MNCs join the job fair, the visitors always more than expected. but, this is the expected situation by the companies and the EOs. the main problem is, the companies never announced how big are their vacancies. what is the implication? job seekers are never know how big the pool before they start to join the competitions.

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October 29, 2010 at 2:16 am

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