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chaotic night

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Unpredictably, Friday night becomes a chaotic night for Merapi’s evacuees. The story started when the volcano was rumbling in the distance. It was in the midnight when the loudest rumble could be heard even from more than 30 miles far from the Merapi’s hot pit.

In my current place, that is 30 miles from the hot pit, villages come out from their home. The rumble even could wake them from their soundly sleep. Villages come out and directed their eyes to the volcano. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy night so the hot pit of Merapi was invisible. The 30 miles away panic is only last for minutes. But, right in the slope and evacuation camp that only 10 miles from the active crater’s of Merapi, the fear last for hours.

Right after the rumble, Jalan Kaliurang was rushed by evacuation since the street is the main evacuation lane in the Sleman regency. While the evacuees were going down, I tried to go up, tried to draw near the hot pit. Police closed Kentungan junction, the main access to the higher Jalan Kaliurang. Finally, I found another way to pass the barricade.

It was the real chaotic night. While thousands of evacuees tried to abandon their last evacuation camp, there also sand fall. Sand, pebbles’, and ashes fall from sky that narrowing the evacuees’ vision. Approximately, evacuees had to go more than 5 miles from their last evacuation camp.

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Written by Berita Demokrasi

November 6, 2010 at 11:36 am

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