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disaster free-rider

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unpredictably, Indonesia was shocked by three natural disaster. more than 300 people died in mentawai,merapi and wasior. as usual, many free rider will come out for participation.

actually, what is free rider ? economically, free riders are those who consume more than their fair share of public resource. or politically, free riders are those who manipulate such situation for the sake of their own benefit. to make it simple, free rider always ask for free nourishing lunch. in economic and political sphere, free riding is a common problem.

according to such definition, not only individual, but also various non-government organization and even political party could play their role as free rider. essentially, positive image is the only background for such contribution. certainly, not all of the actors are free rider. just be careful, when they hoisted their flag and ask for media coverage, they are free-riding the situation.

for political reason, free rider could manipulate such calamity situation to surge the positive political image. many actors could generate good image by their assistance on such disaster. they only need to hoist a flag and ask for media coverage. as we can see in the case or merapi and mentawai, there are many organization and political party that hoisted their flags in the middle of evacuation barrack. how many flag that hoisted in such occasion could describe how many actors are trying to be a free-rider. but, for the sake of ethical reason, free riding at the tragedy is always immoral. what do you think ?

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Written by Berita Demokrasi

October 28, 2010 at 9:26 am